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Why Restricting SMS to 5 per day is not a Solution

Another move by the Indian Government that has made the entire country suffer-"SMS restricted to 5 per day for all the GSM and CDMA mobile users for the next 15 days.".This restriction has been implemented from 18th of august,2012.The restriction has been made to curb the spreading rumours which were meant to create violence and lead to vacate the North Eastern Indians from various South Indian states including Maharashtra,Karnataka,Andhra Pradesh.The effect of these rumours had the most adverse effects to be seen in Bangalore.

In July,more than 75 people were killed in an ethnic violence in Assam.Since after that,there have been many SMSes out spreading the rumours like the violence in Assam would be avenged by attacking the Northern Eastern people in Southern Indian States after Eid (20th August).There are thousands of people from the Northern Eastern region working in the South Indian States.Due to such kind of rumoured SMSes,the government had been facing many problems which eventually made it to come up with an idea of restricting the SMS to 5 per day for all the GSM and CDMA mobile users as a solution to curb these rumours.

Rajan Mathews,Director General of Cellular Operators Association of India added that "Its better to save lives even if that means putting up with the inconvenience of not being able to send the bulk messages".

Not only this restriction has been limited to SMS,but also to the MMS.You can't send more than 5 MMS a day and that too includes only 20 kb of Data.

Now when a customer is crossing his limit of 5 SMS per day,he is getting a message like "Dear Customer,as per directive from DoT,SMS/MMS relay has been limited to 5 per day for the next 15 days.Inconvenience Regreted".This message is being seen by the Reliance Customers.Other companies' customers are also seeing such kind of message.People have to bear this loss of the free message packs which are quite popular these days especially among the youngsters and are making the highest revenue to the telecom companies.

All the companies have agreed to this decision of the government although airtel has not implemented these rules in some parts of the country.

Also keeping in mind that the alerts from the services like banking,railway reservations,airlines etc are exempted from this ban on the bulk messages.

Now the question is that Is this decision of the government an ultimate solution to all the spreading rumour problems?Well,the answer is obviously NO.The experts say it may not be the solution because the people who were sending these threatening SMSes were not using the bulk messages facility.The messages are travelling from peer to peer groups.So if the violators have to spread the rumours,they will spread them.

Also the restriction is not being applied to the data based messaging services like WhatsApp,Blackberry Messenger(BBM),etc.So if someone has an intention of spreading such rumours,he/she can use these services also and get the work done.

Moreover,the persons who do such kind of work,use only fake sim cards.They can have multiple sim cards with them and use the "5 SMS per day restriction" of each sim card to make them 100.

So,the experts and almost every other person in India are today holding the view that instead of taking such an insane step,the government should have taken some sound step that could solve the problem without putting the common man in trouble.

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  1. Really very gud post bro.This insane action of government has put the youth in trouble.They cud have taken some better steps rather than putting the ban on the bulk messaging..

  2. That
    is reasonable in light of security situation. Are yomind? Nothing ios
    worth more than peace and security. People lived and survived without
    SMS fo ages and only 10 years ago, there was no SMS culture. Stop doing
    drama. Restrictions apply and is valid till security is ensured.

  3. Really a nice article to read.Appreciating effort.Well Done..!!!!!
    Keep the momentum going..!!!!

  4. Dude.. Sending sms is not the only way to communicate.people who want to spread rumours they can probably make fake calls n there r hundreds of other ways too..!!!

  5. i think Government should have taken some decent step like tracking the suspicious IP in the affected area,blocking unregistered sim cards,n many other your reply Mr. Rahul you n i n everyone didnt have internet facility but today we cant imagine ourselves without internet..!!!

  6. Gud article bro..keep it up