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5 new stunning features introduced by facebook

Facebook,the world's number one Social Networking Site with its tremendously increasing popularity owes its success to the stunning features it introduces with time.

These days Facebook has got much faster in making the changes and introducing the new stunning features to its users.

Within just few months only,Facebook has come up with five new brilliant features about which I am going to write today.

Though the company's CEO,Mark Zuckerberg is being repeatedly accused of the falling prices of the shares,yet he his thinking far behind all this.It seems like he is not affected with all these criticisms.He has come up with a new infrastructural project for his company costing him about thousand crores of dollars.Not much exaggerating it here,I straight forwadly come to the new features facebook has introduced with time.

5 New Features introduced by facebook:

1) Facebook Voice: One of the most awaited feature has now been introduced by facebook and has come up with the name "voice".This is the feature for all the facebook page owners and gives them the choice of posting,liking and commenting on the page either as the page itself or with their own name.

Earlier facebook page owners could like,post and comment on their page as the page only no matter even if the page owner was not using 'Use facebook as page' option.Whatever way he was accessing the page,he couldn't like it with his own name.But now,he gets a choice to do so.

The experts hold the view that the biggest advantage of this feature will be to  the new page holders who can now make atleast two likes on each post thereby giving others the impression that people are active on the page.

2) Picture Thumbnails in Notifications:Though not so famous,yet another good feature introduced by facebook is the 'picture thumbnails in notifications'.With this new feature,you would be able to see the thumbnail of the picture,which is getting the comments,in your notifications itself so that you wont have to navigate to the picture first before getting an idea,exactly which picture you are getting notifications for.

The obvious advantage of this feature is that it saves time and avoids boredom.

3) 'Seen Time' in Chatbox: This feature is useful for those who dont like being avoided.Lol.The "Seen time" feature has been introduced in the chat and it tells the people when the person whom you are chatting with sees your message.It not only tells that the person has seen your message but also give you the exact time when did he do that.

Some people hold the view that introducing this feature,facebook has compromised with their freedom.Not always everybody is interested in doing chat but telling the other one that I have seen the chat message makes me to reply even sometimes unwillingly.

4) Distinction between blocked and deleted accounts: I personally found this new feature by facebook to be very useful.Earlier facebook didn't make any distinction between one who has blocked you and the one who has deleted his/her account in your friend list.In either case,you couldn't find the person's account anywhere(including your friends list)even if you tried visiting the account using the person's facebook username .

But now,facebook has made the distinction between the blocked and the deleted accounts.Now,When you go to your friends list,you would be able to see both the blocked and deleted accounts but clicking on deleted accounts will give you a message like one shown below

while the accounts of the persons who have blocked you will not be clickable at all.

5) Interest List: One of the best feature introduced by facebook is the "interest list".Not everybody is aware of this new list introduced by facebook.This list creates a separate group in which you can add your 

b)the people you have subscribed to 
c) and the facebook pages you wish to follow.

The advantage of this list is that whomever you have added to this list,you will get the updates of that person/page/subscription under that group itself.

Its upto you whether you want to make that list visible to public,your friends or only yourself.

How to create an Interest List:

Creating an interest list is as simple as creating any other list.Since you get the choice of adding your friend,your subscription or any page to the list,you can start from anywhere say from the page you want to add to your interest list.Just visit the page and there will be an option reading "Add to Interest Lists" as shown in the picture below

Click on it and follow the 2 steps instructions to create your new interest list.

You can add your friends,subscriptions and other pages to the list from the tabs on the left hand side as highlighted in the picture below

Using the interest list gives you the chance of being more interactive to the people and hence to socialize more effectively.



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