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Facebook "new Photo Look"-The Coolest one till now

The social networking giant Facebook has been continuously experimenting with its features and this time,it has come up with a new photo section and that too having the coolest features of all time.

Though,Facebook has made the changes in its photo section earlier also,yet the changes were not so attractive that they could seek anybody's attention.

But this time,the changes are really praise worthy.

So,how the new photo section looks like:

At the top,you will get to see the three tabs including your tagged photos,your wall photos and your albums.

The best and the noticeable change has been introduced in the album view.Earlier photo albums on facebook were as simple as the normal bunch of photos which you could navigate through but now when you hover your mouse over any album,you can see the slideshow of top five photos in that album even without having any need to open it.

But With this cool change is associated a serious Privacy Concern.By default,Facebook has set the domain for every new profile pic to be added to Public,that means if you add a new profile picture to your facebook account,then by default it would be visible to public now no matter what privacy conditions had you set before for your photos.

Ofcourse,you can change it to other options too manually like before but that was a point that should really have been discussed keeping in mind the privacy concerns of the people.

What else has been changed:

The earlier features like

a) star button(*) to highlight the photo

b) edit button to change the location and time of the photo

c)like and comment buttons

have now been introduced on the photo thumbnails also.

With the new star button(*),you can highlight any photo in your album(Earlier star button was used to highlight the photo only on your timeline).After highlighting,everybody will see your that particular picture in a magnified view when he/she reaches your album.

New Edit button allows you to change the location and date of the picture directly from the thumbnail without having the need to open it in the full view.

New Like and Comment buttons again allow you to like and comment on your picture directly from the thumbnail without having any need to open it in the full view. 

Some analysts hold the view that facebook works with the motto of competing with its own features.Bringing up such brilliant features this time,Facebook has indeed proved it also.But not everybody can enjoy this feature for now.Seems like it would take sometime for everybody to see the new photo section looks.The reason for this has not been found yet.


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