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1 Mistake that should certainly be avoided by new Webowners

Today I am sharing an article on how the new WebOwners are making blunder which is preventing them from being selected in the adsense and various other affiliate programs. Even I made this mistake initially due to which my blog really suffered in the beginning.

I have seen hundreds of bloggers who  have just started blogging not because they are good at writing articles or they are passionate about it but simply because they want to earn money like other successful bloggers are earning.For this,they just try to opt the simplest path of copying the articles from other successful blogs and presenting them as their own thinking that it would help them getting more and more crowd to their blogs thereby generating the revenue to them.But they forget that the big companies like google are not fool to pay them for what they dont even own.Getting the blog views counting many thousands in number per day is not the only sole criteria left for being selected in google adsense after google has adopted a new harsh algorithm named google panda .There have emerged various other factors also like the quality of the posts,internal and external links,search engine optimization to name a few which enhance your chances of being selected in these revenue generating programs.

Infact copying the articles from other blogs undoubtedly lowers your rank in the search engines' ranking system which adversely affects your blog.Search Engines reject all the duplicate articles and accordingly lowers your page ranking according to their algorithms.And the situations are even getting worse.Companies are going for even smarter algorithms which has now made the selection process even more harsh.As mentioned above Google has adopted a new algorithm named google panda which includes a domain level penalty which means if you have some low quality post in your blog,then not only that post would be penalized but your domain as a whole would be penalized thereby bringing down your website rank.

Being specific,Copying a single article from other blog would bring down your ranking by almost 1 thousand or may be even more than that depending upon the article.You can now yourself realize how worse it can be to copy the articles in an attempt of making your blog popular.To make the picture even more clearer,I recommend you to use the famous alexa toolbar.The alexa toolbar helps you to get the real time data for your blog or website including the page rank,number of links and many other useful information.Learn how to get it here .

So,all the new bloggers should not only avoid copying the articles from other blogs but also try to write the good quality posts to survive the new fear for the WebOwners-google panda.

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