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After Samsung,its time for Facebook-Apple Controversy

After the most famous Samsung-Apple designs theft Controversy which has still the final hearing pending in the US district Court,its the Social Networking Giant Facebook now which has been involved in another controversy with Apple for copying its designs.

Facebook unveiled a new look for its message service recently.The new design puts the list of user's friends on the right side and the message content on the left.

Facebook has large hopes from this new design,the CEO,Mark Zuckerberg said in an interview."This new design will attract more and more users to their service and will make their system more reliable as well".

But to everybody's surprise,the new design was accused by many users as they found it to be very similar to Apple's Ipad mail software.

The Apple users said that the facebook new message design is very much similar to Apple's two-pane design.

When Facebook was questioned regarding this,it stated "A lot of thought and care went into this new version of messages and we really hoped that people will like it".It also added that "there is so much more we can do to make the world more open and connected and to make our messaging system more flexible and more reliable".

Though,Apple has not filed any case against Facebook in the court yet and the facebook new message look is in the oral controversies only,the sources reported that Facebook will publish the new design with some major changes in it to avoid Apple design Infringements.

Till then,we can only wait for the new design to come up but one thing is certain,the way facebook is enhancing the chat features whether by adding the emoticons to it or allowing the people to attach the files in their chats shows how hard Facebook is working for its users.Also Apple's not filing any case against Facebook shows that its only the users who are firing the issues without knowing the actual details.


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