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Annoyed with Facebook timeline ? learn hiding it then

Facebook Timeline is one of the features that no other social networking website can compete with.It has made everything so interactive on facebook that you can easily go back to any part of your life on facebook and make changes there no matter whether that change includes adding some new life event there.

But definitely,facebook timeline feature has got the complexity and people find it real very difficult to use and sometimes even get annoyed with it.

Some people just want to get rid of the timeline but they are left helpless in the end because facebook doesn't give you any such option.Infact all the accounts are automatically switched to the timeline format after certain period of time.Yeah,Facebook definitely gives you the time to manage your timeline before it starts appearing to the public but you can't avoid it(as everybody says).

But now it has really become possible to get rid of the "so called annoying" timeline.Its not any new feature introduced by facebook to help out its users but its simply a plugin that can help you get rid of it.

Steps to get rid of Facebook Timeline:

1) Go to the Timeline Remove .

2) There you have to download an extension..Dont worry,the extension is fully tested and is 100% virus free.You can install it without even giving it a second thought.

3) Choose your browser out of the various choices as displayed in the picture below

4) Next click on "Add" on the dialog box generated that looks like one shown in the picture below

5) Save the extension.

6) Double click the extension saved in your computer and just install it by clicking on the "Install" button on the new dialog box generated which looks like one shown below

7) After it is installed,just refresh your facebook page to see your facebook profile switched back to one,it used to look like before.

But remember,your friends and others will still see your profile in timeline format only.It has only been hidden from you because of the timeline remove extension you have just installed.

If you again want to see your profile in timeline format like before,its very easy.Just find out the timeline remove button towards the top right corner of your computer screen and click on "Status:Timeline Remove".Refresh your facebook page and you are done.


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