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Facebook Up with "NO backup maintaining" Way-Out

The Social Networking giant Facebook which promises the privacy to its users had been keeping the huge bunch of inappropriate pictures in its storage against the users' will for years which you had deleted in the past and thought that they would not be available to anyone now.

But the fact is that if anyone on facebook had the direct link of your picture,then he could still view it in your profile.

The issue was raised by a 28 year old Cambridge student who discovered that even when he deleted his pictures from facebook,they could still be viewed by his friends having the direct link to them.

But now finally a good news is out in the market.The company has declared to remove the storage of all those millions of embarassing and inappropriate pictures from its servers.

From now onwards,any picture deleted from the facebook account will be permanently wiped out from the system within 14 days  or a maximum of 30 days.Also,unlike before,picture will now not be viewable to anybody from the very moment it is deleted even if someone has got the direct link of that picture.

The reason reported for the company to take that much of time to make it really possible is the huge engineering effort involved behind the change.Facebook has gone that much broad in its functionality and features that now even making a small change requires thousands of brilliant minds and million dollars of money and the change we wanted from Facebook was something that could make any company go mad but Facebook still managed to do it successfully for its users.



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