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Facebook launches new version of Iphone and Ipad App

Facebook launched a new version of App on Thursday for the Apple Iphone and Ipad Users.The previous version of App was unveiled long before by Facebook but it couldn't give its users a satisfactory experience and met with the hell lot of criticisms for it being really very slow.

So,the facebook engineers re-started working on it,replaced most of the web-based code with the native programming code used for iOS,Apple's Mobile Operating System and finally came out with a new and a faster app on Thursday evening.

The company said that instead of adding new features to the app,it rebuilt the application from the scratch to make it speedier and less clunky.

The older code from the photo and the messaging tools has been replaced with the code from Facebook's stand alone camera and Messenger Apps.

The new app proves out to be a great success.During the live demonstartion of the app at the company's menlo park,it was found to perform everything at almost double the speed of the earlier version of the app.The app opened really very fast and so did the photos and the comments.

What exactly did they do to increase the speed:

The mobile product manager at facebook,Mick Johnson said that the programmers removed some lesser-used features like "the way to view the app horizontally" in order to increase the speed of the app.

Feautures Associated with the new App:

1) "Faster speed"(almost double the speed of previous version).

2) Allows Users to "like and comment on photos" which wasn't possible with the earlier version.

3) The new Ipad version features "Timeline",the latest profile page version.

4) A very prominent feature added to the new App is the "Real Time NewsFeed".

Whenever someone likes or adds a comment to the post or status update,it is shown in the newsfeed in the real time thereby eliminating the need of refreshing the post to see new likes and comments.

The app is available for free from the Apple's App Store.

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