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Don't Miss Out even a Single Update on Facebook now

Want to be immediately notified when someone you adore update something on facebook,its really possible now.Yeah..Facebook has come out with yet another great feature called "Close Friends" .Earlier when someone updated any status or added any photo to his/her profile,you had to visit the person's profile and check out his/her entire profile just to seek a single update sometimes.But now facebook has made it really very easy.All you need to do is to add the person in your Close Friends list.

Close Friends List is not the simple list like others.The difference is that here you are notified with the updates of the people you have added to the list without any delay.

How to add people to the Close Friends List

We all know,facebook can't introduce any new feature that would be difficult for the people to use.Likewise,this feature is also very easy to use.All you need is to visit the person's profile and check an option reading "Close Friends".

Here is the step-by-step procedure,how to do it.

1) The picture below shows how the profile of the person looks to you before you add him/her to the close friends list.

2) Next,you just have to hover your mouse over the friends tab highlighted with red pen.Its a drop-down box.The picture will look like shown below :

3) Now just check the option reading "Close Friends" highlighted with the red pen.The final scenario will look like one shown in the picture below :

4) The Starred Friends Tab indicates that you have successfully added the person to your close friends list.

5) Congratulations,you will now receive the notifications for the updates the person do.

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