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How to avoid FOLLOW-ON notifications on facebook

I have seen the people who are the frequent commentors getting pissed off at receiving the "follow-on notifications" which are those notifications which they get as a result of other people commenting on a status which they have commented on before.You think that the notifications are unavoidable but actually these are the kind of notifications you can now easily get rid of.Lets have a look.

How to avoid Follow-On Notifications 

See the notification highlighted with the red pen.I was receiving the notification because I commented on a status of my friend which eventually received other comments too.To get rid of such type of notifications,just reach out the post where you have commented and there is an option which says "Unfollow Post" as shown in the picture below.Click on that button and you are done.

You will no longer receive the follow-on notifications now.If you again want to get the notifications for the comments on that post,you can again follow the post by simply clicking the "Follow Post" Button.

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