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Its gonna be Android 4.0 with Aakash Tablet this time

Telecom Minister Mr. Kapil Sabil announced that the new Aakash Tablet is expected to be launched on November 11 this year.

Although he didn't give any assurance about this but speaking at the Economic Editor's Conference,the minister said "Hopefully on November 11,you will see the President talking to 20,000 students across the nation(who) will have their hands on Aakash".

Talking about the features,the new Tab will be running on 1 GH processor and is going to include 7" Capacitive touchscreen,Android 4.0 Operating System and the long 4 hours battery backup as compared to the earlier iteration that ran Gingerbread with a paltry 366 MHz Procesosor.

The biggest competitor of the new Aakash in terms of price will definitely be Datawind,the company that manufactures Aakash and which has already launched four lowest price versions of the Ubislate tablets in the market but the price difference will still be considerable one,the resources said.

Initially the price would be comparatively high,but gradually it is expected to come down to $35 which will be around Rs 1500 once the manufacturing activities setup in India,Sibal said.

Sibal added that there are plans of manufacturing about 5 million new Aakash Tablets and that too without putting any burden on the Ministry of Finance.

If compared to the Aakash tablet launched by the Government in October last year which ran into big controversy due to the delayed shipment despite pre-order payments made months in advance,it does not seem to be the case this time as Mr Sibal has quoted a specific date on which the device would be made available.Still,all we can do is hope that this time everything is for real and the words of our minister doesn't prove out to be mere words only.


  1. What is there to showcase ?....I can buy now a similar product in US for 39 dollars..I am not kidding. So many stores are selling the stuff because the market is literally flooded with cheap tablet PC from China. Some stores are even offering it for 35 dollars. - Same specs and same OS. - India as usual is blowing a hollow trumpet.

  2. @Diwali.. Can you plz tell which store is offering the tab with same specs for $35 ?

  3. Can you plz tell which store is offering the tab with same specs for $35 ?

  4. Can u plz tell which store is giving the tablet for just $35?